Greenpreneurs will run over 12-weeks, from June to September 2019.

Each week, teams can tune into our weekly webinar, meet with their mentors, and access the week's web module with a set of exercises due every Friday.



Webinars will be held weekly, and cover the topic of the week (see Weekly Modules). Each webinar will be hosted by one of the Greenpreneurs Advisors and interview an experienced professional in the green entrepreneurship field (our "speakers"). There will be a question-and-answer period during each webinar to ensure participating teams have the opportunity to ask specific questions relevant to their enterprise. 

Generally weekly webinars will run on a Monday, but this date is subject to change depending on the availability of our speakers. All participants will be provided with date and time details, and a link to the Youtube Live webinar the week prior. Webinars will be recorded to ensure the teams in conflicting time zones can catch up on the content. 

Once the webinar goes live, participants will be expected to go through the corresponding web content with their team members and complete the required exercises by the Friday of that week. 


Within the page of each weekly module (see above) there will be anywhere from 2-5 corresponding exercises, designed to support the development of your business plan. Exercises need to be completed Friday of the corresponding week, and the participation in exercises will be reflected in your team's performance during the final competition. 

Track your team's completion of tasks in the Dashboard, and make sure your team stays ahead of the pack! Remember many of the answers are up to your interpretation based on your enterprise, but aim to do your due diligence reading through the entire module and dive deeper resources before submitting your final answers. 

Having trouble with the tasks? Use the Discussion Hub to post the problem your having and either a Greenpreneurs Advisor or another team will help you out. 

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General Mentors and Subject Matter Experts will spend approximately one hour weekly throughout the program supporting the participating teams. Both roles are integral.

General Mentors will likely be in contact with their team every week for the duration of this program. They will be paired with a team during Week 1 of the Program. General Mentors will provide advice and insights into the Weekly Modules, based on their experience founding their own enterprises and initiatives.  

Subject Matter Experts will support more variably, on a demand-basis. Throughout the program, teams can book time with Subject Matter Experts to gain more specific insights on their expertise in design thinking, customer interviews, financial, engineering and/or design skills. 

Business Plan Competition

In September, the fifteen teams will virtually present their five-minute project pitch on a video submission. They will also provide a budget, impact forecast, and lean social canvas, which will be assessed by a diverse panel of high-level green growth professionals. The panel will have participants from the public and private sectors.

The program will have a weighted scoring system for selecting the winning candidates. The scoring system will factor in feasibility, quality of evidence, balance of social ventures and for-profit initiatives, and participation in idea support phase of the Greenpreneurs program.

Three candidates will be awarded prizes of $5,000 each. Other prizes will be awarded as appropriate, including internships at Global Green Growth Institute country offices, bursaries to the 2021 International Student Energy Summit, and incubation space.