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Bernard Keikara Mugume

nationality: Uganda

located: uganda

Bernard Keikara Mugume is passionate about fostering the young generation to be problem solvers on issues of poverty and unemployment. As the Founder and Executive Director of Focus Youth Forum (FYF), a youth-led social enterprise that provides mentorship and capacity-building to young people to help them realize their potential as creators, innovators and social change makers. He has over 7 years in financial management, relationship management, sales and marketing from banking financial institutions. He has also gained exposure in businesses especially from different sectors which includes agriculture production, value addition, business and entrepreneurship.






Mounir Kabbara

nationality: canada

located: United Arab Emirates

Mounir is the Senior Sustainability Engineer for SEE Nexus, consultants for The Sustainable City, Dubai responsible for Water, Waste, Mobility. He is passionate about the intersection of urban sustainability, technology and entrepreneurship. He holds a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering and Master's of Engineering Design in Sustainable Infrastructure and has over 3 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment. Since 2015, he has worked in City Development & Operations at Emaar Economic City, master developers of King Abdullah Economic City responsible for strategic Water, Power, Transportation, Sustainability & Innovation projects and initiatives. Former co-Founder of Blossom, a startup accelerator focused on fostering the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. He was also the Project Officer for Local Pathways Fellowship initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, an Ambassador at Global Youth Climate Network, Global Shaper of Dubai hub and the Former Curator and Global Shaper of Jeddah Hub.


Renard Siew

nationality: Malaysia

located: malaysia

Dr Renard Siew works across the nexus of engineering and economics to help develop sustainable communities. He is a Climate Leader, the Outgoing Curator of Global Shapers KL and a member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network focusing on Sustainable Development in Asia. He's also on the Advisory Board of Global Infrastructure Basel, Economists without Borders and a startup adviser to Swaayatt Robots and deMITasse Engines. Prior to this, he was a postdoctoral teaching fellow and a researcher at the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (CEEM) where he has worked on a number of portfolios including sustainability/ integrated reporting, ESG integration, socially responsible investment (across different asset classes: equities, infrastructure and property/real estate), climate change and sustainable construction for the building/infrastructure sector. Renard is a graduate of Cambridge University and UNSW. In 2013, he was selected as one of 15 international scholars to attend the PhD Academy at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). He has published in many international refereed journals. In 2014, he won a Highly Commended Paper award by the Emerald Literati Network and was a nominee for the Individual Leadership in Sustainability Infrastructure Award. He was the recipient of the Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship, Cambridge Bursary Scholarship and ARG Hermes Scholarship.


Imane Bensalem

Nationality: Morocco

Located: France

Imane is a global thought leader, designer, author and adviser who “puts big ideas on their feet.” As founder of the Tribe of Why, she is passionate about entrepreneurship mentoring, business insights, scaling ideas, facilitating education programs on climate and creating on effective methods to engage more youth. Native from Morocco, she has created intimate Residency experiences for the world’s top entrepreneurs, and writes extensively about emerging technology and humans.


Carolina Arango

nationality: colombia

located: Mexico

Carolina has more than 10 year in entrepreneurship and innovation. She has expertise in helping startups with their Business Model, MVP, Green technology development, innovation and benefactor systems. She is passionate about supporting young entrepreneurs that have amazing ideas to change or mitigate the environmental problems.










Leesa Charlotte

Nationality: australia

located: USa

As the General Manager of the Henley Club, a member's club for young leaders, Leesa more than doubled the size of the Club in under two years. She was the Founding Communications Director for Interns Australia which grew to become the peak body representing Interns in Australia.

Leesa has experience judging and facilitated hackathons, including for the Australian federal government. She is skilled in growing small, purpose driven businesses from early or nascent stage, in relationship management, strategic partnerships and community building.

She is passionate about giving back and and supporting young people with ideas to make the world better.






Sahib Maker

nationality: uk

located: Singapore

Sahib works at LeapFrog Investments, an emerging markets impact investment fund focused on serving the four billion emerging consumers in Africa and Asia. LeapFrog is a pioneer in profit-with-purpose investment and helps build extraordinary companies that deliver top-tier financial and social returns. Sahib has spent a significant amount of time analysing the solar off-grid energy sector and has observed how clean and reliable energy is changing the underlying topography of electricity infrastructure as we move towards distributed, low-carbon systems. Consumers in Africa and Asia can now produce their own power, enabling them to actively manage their own relationship with energy for the first time.











Samuel James Kpartor

Nationality: Liberia

Located: Liberia

Samuel J. Kpartor is a Climate Change Activist, an Entrepreneur and a Business Development Specialist with commitment, integrity and passion for success as his core values. He is the CEO/founder of Liberia Errand-Pro Services- LEPS, a youth based enterprise that helps runs errands for busy professionals affording more time for work and family. He also serves as the Technical Manager of GUSCEMAN INC, a Liberian own business where he helps in the provide Business development and entrepreneurial development services and initiatives to SMEs and businesses around Liberia. He is a fellow of the Entrepreneurship Track of YALI Cohort 7 hosted in Accra and a Global UNLEASH SDG Talent 2018 hosted in Singapore. In April of 2018, he was elected Secretary General of the Consortium of Business Development Service Providers, an institution that provides a platform for business development services and institutional development and strengthening through a strengthened network of Service Providers geared toward enhancing the growth He hopes to be one of Liberia’s most successful Entrepreneurs and with that to also help build a new generation of young Liberian Entrepreneurs.



Chuy (Jesus cepeda)

nationality: Mexico

located: mexico

Chuy (Jesus) Cepeda is passionate about the future of cities and its sustainable growth. He has a PhD in AI and Robotics and has been a civic technology entrepreneur and software developer for the last +10 years. He is the Co-Founder and CEO at OS City, a company leading AI and Blockchain implementations in the Latin-american public sector. Chuy is also a fellow at the highly selective Global Solutions Program at Singularity University 2017 focused on applying exponential technologies in finding impact solutions for global challenges at NASA Ames Research Center, Silicon Valley. He has given talks at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, the Annual Meeting of New Champions in China and the Council of Future Cities and Urbanization in Dubai; also at the SU Global Summit in San Francisco and the Open Government Annual gathering in Buenos Aires, in several universities and coworking spaces such as the Media Lab Prado Madrid.


Nahom Zeleke

nationality: ethiopia

located: USA

Nahom Wodajo is a passionate young leader dedicated to nurture youth on developing entrepreneurial business and projects on renewable energy and recycling. He was born and lived for 25 years in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and currently moved to USA. He studied civil and Environmental engineering in Addis Ababa University and worked at Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center on Youth Climate Project for three years as coordinator. He is interested on green business and projects, hence worked on intensive youth and climate change proposals.







Ian Fisk

nationality: USA

located: USA

Ian solves big problems with laughter. He is often engaged as the person who knows who the right people are to get the job done. The rest of the time, he’s empowering volunteers to solve problems in their own communities, and connecting them to resources. For the past twenty years, Ian’s main job has been to listen to someone describe a difficult social, environmental, and/or financial challenge, and then build the best team in the world to advise or mentor those who will solve that challenge. He is the Executive Director of the Mentor Capital Network, which connects and coordinates mentors to support sustainable businesses. They have supported more than 500 companies from idea to launch to growth, engaged more than 1,000 mentors, and curated more than 8,000 mentor-to-entrepreneur matches.